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I am French, but live in London and spend as much of my time roaming as possible.  My identity and my art prioritize travel, the ways in which travelers view unexpected, sometimes uncomfortably wild natural spaces such as the ocean or rainforest. My last series "Dark" is inspired by Brazilian mata (the forest). Such a forest cannot be photographed; it cannot be flattened.  By building up layers of pigment, I work to turn fragments, shards of color, into the multilayered vision that one experiences while standing on the edge of the forest. 

I work in panels to further challenge the reader to understand that they look in to a wilderness (here, the rainforest). What they see is messy and ephemeral, unrepeatable. I see the space of the panel as haunted by its borders, which evoke the ongoing human erosion of the forest. The white space around each panel serves to remind the viewer that the Brazilian forest is surrounded by metaphorical parking lots, cement encroaching onto the wilderness. Thus the boundary—the wall on which the panels are placed—is as important as the oil paintings themselves.